How to Choose a Builder

Choosing a Builder

How do you make sure your home is constructed with quality building techniques and that the materials used are the best value for your budget? Hiring a Registered Builder/Remodeler can help insure that the end result is an affordable, quality home. A Registered Builder serves as the general contractor and manages your home-building project and serves as the liaison with specialty subcontractors who are required for each step of construction.

Start Your Search

Instead of randomly selecting a company who may be advertising on the internet, visit our online directory of Registered Builders. A Registered Builder is not simply a title that can be purchased and displayed on company vehicles and advertising. Registered Builder is a professional designation granted to a builder who meets specific requirements beyond licensure. A Registered Builder must:

  • Have experience in the home or commercial construction profession for a specified period of time.
  • Be a full-time professional deriving his or her principal income from construction related activities.
  • Have had work inspected by members of the Builders Association of South Central Kentucky.
  • Submit the names of previous customers as references for review.
  • Have an acceptable credit history.
  • Complete continuing education annually.
  • Provide written contracts and warranties.
  • Abide by a Code of Ethics.
  • Agree to a conciliation process in the event of unresolved complaints regarding a possible structural defect.

Take a Look Around

Once you have a list of builders, how can you find out about their reputations and the quality of their work? The best way is to visit homes they have built and talk with the owners. Get references and addresses of houses the builder has recently built. Talk to several owners and get a random collection of opinions. The more people you talk with, the more accurate impression of a builder you are likely to get. Take along a note pad when you talk to the builders and homeowners, and record information about specific builders and homes.

Some questions you can ask:
  • Are you happy with your home?
  • Did the builder do what was promised in a timely manner?
  • Would you buy another home from this builder?

Usually, people will tell you if they are pleased with their home, and if they are not, they'll probably want to tell you why.

Ask Questions!

Before signing that contract, ask the builder to show you some homes that they’ve built. Talk with some of the homeowners. You need to know that the builder has satisfied customers. Some other important questions:

  • Is the builder licensed and insured?
  • Do they carry worker's compensation insurance?
  • How long has the company been in business?
  • Do they have a permanent address?
  • How many homes has the builder built?
  • Whom do you contact for customer service after the sale?
  • Should requests be made in writing?
  • What responsibility does the builder assume for the work of subcontractors?
  • Who will be responsible for correcting problems with major appliances?
  • Is the builder a member of a local homebuilders association; and if not, why?

Buying a new home or undertaking a remodel is an important decision. As with any major investment, it makes sense to deal with a professional—a Registered Builder member of the Builders Association of South Central Kentucky.

BASCKY Member Benefits

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    By joining the local, you are automatically a member of the state and national associations making you a part of over 197,000 member companies who collectively employ over eight million Americans. Together, we are building a better community.

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Cornerstone Partners

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Over the last few years, our members have given approximately $250,000 to local charitable organizations. Additionally, we fund an annual WKU Scholarship to a deserving student. Our members are involved in the community and will continue to work together to build a better, stronger community for the health and safety of our families.